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History Of TIENS

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  • Dec. 20
    Tiens Group ranked in 2004 China Top 10 Fair Trade Enterprises announced in the China First Forum on Overbearing Phenomena in Beijing.
  • Dec.
    China Education Union, under the State Ministry of Education, together with private colleges in China, gave an appraisal for the Prize of Outstanding Contribution for China's Private Education. Mr. Li Jinyuan, Board Chairman & President of Tiens Group and Founder of Tiens Vocational & Technical College, won the prize.
  • Dec.
    Tiens Group ranked No. 20 of China Top 100 Most Dynamic Enterprises in the first China Top 100 Most Dynamic Enterprises Announcing Ceremony and Summit on Development Security of Chinese Enterprises held in Beijing.
  • Dec. 18
    Mr. Li Jinyuan, Founder of Tiens Vocational & Technical College and President of Tiens Group won the Prize of Outstanding Contribution for China’s Private Education in the appraisal for the Prize of Outstanding Contribution for China’s Private Education organized by China Education Union under the State Ministry of Education, together with private colleges in China.
  • Dec. 7
    Tiens Yihai Co. Ltd. and Tiens International Investment Co. Ltd were set up in Shanghai, and the new building of Tiens International Marketing Group was complete in Tianjin as well.
  • Nov. 29
    Governor of Goiás, Brazil Mr. Marconi Ferreira led a group to Tiens Group on a business visit. Executive President Yan Yupeng of Tiens International Marketing Group warmly received the governor at Henderson Center in Beijing.
  • Nov. 28
    Tiens Group African & Middle East Distributors Incentive and Commending Convention was successfully convoked in Nigeria.
  • Nov. 19
    The Opening Ceremony of Tiens Argentina was successfully launched, which was attended by political heave-weights of Argentina and covered by local medias.
  • Nov. 13
    Tiens Group ranked in Top 100 Growing Chinese Enterprises in the awarding ceremony of “The 3rd Session of Top 100 Growing Chinese Enterprises” held at the People’s Congress Hall.
  • Nov. 11
    Tiens Group selected in “2004 Top 100 Chinese Informationized Enterprises” which was jointly hosted by State Council Informationization Office, State Corporate Informationization Panel and so on.
  • Nov. 2 Tiens Group attended the first Asia Pacific Health Products Exposition in Shanghai and won two awards.
  • Oct. 29
    Mr. Li Jinyuan, President of Tiens Group, was elected Director of Red Cross Society of China in the secret ballot by all deputies of Red Cross Society of China on the 1st session of the institution’s 8th Board Directors’ Convention and was later interviewed as the excellent representative by such leaders of the central government as Hu Jintao, Wen Jiabao, Zeng Qinghong and Wu Yi.
  • Oct. 27
    On the 4th International Healthcare Day of China, Tiens President Li Jinyuan was entitled “Ten Best Entrepreneur”, Ms. Bai Ping was entitled ”Ten Best Professional Manager” and Tiens Sangao Danshu Capsule won the “10 Best Healthcare Product”.
  • Oct. 26
    Mr. Li Jinyuan, President of Tiens Group, was entitled the honorable “Excellent Private Science & Technology Entrepreneur of China”.
  • Oct. 21
    The result of the first evaluation of “Excellent Private Enterprises and Entrepreneurs of China” was announced in Shenzhen. Mr. Li Jinyuan, President of Tiens Group was entitled “Excellent Private Entrepreneur of China”.
  • October
    President Li Jinyuan ranked No. 1 on the List of 2004 Southern Weekend Chinese Domestic Figures of Fortune, and on the List of 2004 Southern Weekend Chinese Domestic Figures of Charity as well.
  • Oct.4
    Romania Ministry of Health conferred the award of excellence on Tiens Group, which was the only Chinese enterprise in Romania with the honor.
  • Sept. 30
    After the stringent assessment and evaluation by the Commending and Reviewing Committee of Chinese Excellent Private Sci-Tech Enterprises and Entrepreneurs, Tiens Group won the “Award for Excellent Private Sci-Tech Enterprise of China”.
  • Sept. 17
    Mr. Li Jinyuan, President of Tiens Group was conferred the title of “2004 The Chief Man in Trade of China with the Most World-Influence” on the first annual meeting of 2004 the respected Chinese business leaders of the world.
  • Sept.
    After comprehensive investigations on his contributions to society, social celebrity and social influence, along with the prudent evaluation, repeated selections, President Li Jinyuan was entitled “2004 World Celebrity” by International Celebrity Exchange Center.
  • Aug. 27
    President Li Jinyuan conducted business investigation in Cambodia, during which Premier Hun Sen of Cambodian government met with President Li Jinyuan at his residence in Pnom-penh and had congenial and friendly talks.
  • Aug. 2
    Series celebration events on Tiens Groups 9th anniversary commenced at Shanghai, Tianjin and Beijing. Tiens Yihai International Health Industrial Park conducted foundation-laying ceremony at Shanghai. The park is 1600mu in area, planned investment of USD 500Million in total, estimated producing capacity RMB20Billion after construction.
  • Jul. 16
    Chairman of Board of Directors & President of Tiens Group, Mr. Li Jinyuan on behalf of Chinese entrepreneurs had a congenial talk with President of Mali Republic at Mali Embassy.
  • Jun. 28
    World Brand Laboratory, one of the 5 world brand evaluation institutions, and World Economic forum reputed as Economic UN, jointly published Top 500 Most Valuable Brand of China. Tiens Group ranked No. 64 on the list and No. 1 in Tianjin.
  • Jun. 28
    Asia-Pacific Culture & Fortune Forum, Asia-Pacific Fortune Journal and Asia-Pacific Chinese Business Leaders Union jointly held the appraisal event of 2004 Most Creative Chinese Business Leaders and President Li Jinyuan won the honor again.
  • Jun. 26
    The government of Swaziland Kingdom issued the honorary certificate of charity with the kings autograph on it to Tiens Group to commend the outstanding contributions by Tiens Group for the suffering-relief on its disadvantaged groups .
  • Jun. 13
    2004 Dating with Tiens & Love Between Heaven and Earth Love Angel Commending Convention was convoked at Shenyang
  • May 15
    Zhou Huajian formally inaugurated the brand spokesman of Tiens Group and was entitled Love Ambassador of Tiens Love Foundation by Tiens Group.
  • Apr. 16
    The press conference of The 3rd Distributor Convention of Tiens Africa & Middle East Area was convoked at Chinese Embassy in Kenya
  • Apr. 8
    Tiens Group 2004 Annual Convention of North America was successfully concluded at Canada.
  • Mar. 27
    Tiens International Holding Group Co., Ltd. held signing ceremony and press conference at Shanghai making the announcement that USD400Million would be invested in Zhujiajiao, Shanghai to build Tiens Industry Base. Tomur Dawamat, Vice Chairman of NPC wrote to wish Tiens Group make greater contributions to Chinas economic development along with his congratulations.
  • Mar. 23
    Tiens Group entered insurance industry. Jintou Insurance Brokerage Co., Ltd. obtained ratification from China Securities Regulatory Commission and entered the stage of formal preparation.
  • Mar. 10
    During the 2 Sessions, Tiens Group solely sponsored the special program Date of Spring of The Same Song of CCTV. President Li Jinyuan song the same song with the deputies attended the 2 sessions.
  • Mar. 7
    The commending assembly of Tiens Southeast Asia 2004 was held at Malaysia. The assembly was like a miniature UN carnival, tens of thousands of Tiens people crowded the site.
  • Feb. 28
    China Healthcare Association was established at Peoples Congress Hall; President Li Jinyuan and President Assistant Bai Ping were appointed Deputy Executive President and Deputy Secretary-General respectively.
  • Feb. 19
    President Li Jinyuan attended the promoting convention of Walking Abroad Strategy held by Tianjin and delivered a speech.
  • Jan. 6
    2003 Top 10 Chinese Talents was ceremoniously announced. President Li Jinyuan was honorably selected; others included Yang Liwei, Deng Pufang and Zhong Nanshan along with others totaling 10.


  • Dec. 30
    To eulogize the great achievements in the nation-wide fight against SARS led by the Party under the leadership of General-Secretary Hu Jintao, Tiens Group sponsored the anti-SARS themed TV series Sihe Court.
  • Dec. 29
    Mrs. Zhu Lin, spouse of former President of NPC Standing Committee Li Peng, made an inscription of Establishing new business by making progress abreast of times for Tiens Group.
  • Dec. 28
    President Li Jinyuan of Tiens Group was selected in Top 10 Press Figures of 2003 Chinese Economy.
  • Dec. 15
    President Li Jinyuan was entitled Entrepreneur of China and selected in the Great Diction of Chinese Entrepreneurs.
  • Dec. 1
    Tiens Group of China Area held 2003 Annual Summary & Love Donation of Anti-SARS at Tianjin Sports Center; Zhou Huajian attended the event in collaboration.
  • Nov. 10
    The 3rd National Calcium Metabolism Seminar was concluded successfully on which Tiens Group won 2 major awards.
  • Nov. 9
    Tiens New Displacement Theorys publication seminar was ceremoniously held at Peoples Congress Hall. Peoples Daily, Economic Daily, Guangming Daily, CCTV, Phoenix Satellite TV, together with other tens of medias covered the event.
  • Oct. 26
    The commending assembly for Tiens international marketing elites was convoked at Jakarta, Indonesia; the market of Southeast Asia and even the world was shaken owing to its unprecedented pomp.
  • Oct. 18
    The national student constitution health promoting event was held at Beijing. Tiens Group donated 600 thousand yuan and healthcare products worth 1.5million yuan.
  • Sept. 29
    Jia Qinglin, Chairman of CPPCC attended the 50th anniversary of All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce & Exhibition of Guangcai Attainments of China and interviewed President Li Jinyuan congenially.
  • Sept. 27
    Tang Jiaxuan, Commissioner of State Affairs congenially interviewed President Li Jinyuan of Tiens Group on the 2nd session of World Chinese Media Forum convoked at Changsha.
  • Jul. 28
    Tianjin Jintou Brokerage Co., Ltd. was formally established; President Li Jinyuan was honorably selected in the first board of directors.
  • Jul. 16
    The press conference of 2003 Top 100 Enterprises was convoked at Tianjin; Tiens Group was listed No. 1 of Tianjin private enterprises.
  • Jul. 8
    Healthcare Food Association of China issued a certificate to President Li Jinyuan with congratulations on Tiens Groups ranking in Top 100 Healthcare Food Enterprises of China for 3 consecutive years from 2000 to 2002.
  • Apr. 23
    Tiens Groups staff members donated 3 million yuan in total and Tiens Group donated 42 million yuan in healthcare medicine, making positive contributions in the fight against SARS.
  • Mar. 20
    Vice Premier of Malaysia and Minister of Science and Environment warmly received President Li Jinyuan who was on his trip to the press conference of Tiens International Annual Convention.
  • Mar. 18
    The press conference of Tiens International Annual Convention of Malaysia was ceremoniously convoked at Kuala Lumpur.
  • Mar. 15
    the journalist from Singapore United Morning News had a special interview with President Li Jinyuan; the Administration of Economic Development released a report named Chinese private enterprise planned manufacture base in Singapore, Tiens Group strived for public listing by the end of this year.
  • Mar. 1
    Ambassador of United Arab Emirates visited Tiens Group and accepted the title of International Friendly Advisor of Tiens from President Li Jinyuan.
  • Feb. 21
    Ambassador of the Republic of Angola visited Tiens Group and accepted the title of International Public Relationship Advisor of Tiens from President Li Jinyuan.
  • Feb. 17
    President Li Jinyuan attended Tianjin Private Entrepreneurs Symposium and gave talks.
  • Feb. 14
    Ambassador of Malaysia visited Tiens Group and accepted the title of International Friendly Advisor of Tiens from President Li Jinyuan.


  • Aug. 6-8
    With the motif of credibility, cooperation, opening-op, double-win and achieving leap-forward development, the first session of Tiens International logistics products import negotiation was ceremoniously convoked at the headquarters of Tiens Group.
  • Aug. 3
    The 7th anniversary celebration convention of Tiens Group and the foundation ceremony of President Direction Center was held at the headquarters of Tiens.
  • Jun. 20
    President Li Jinyuan first released his original idea of Interactive Networks.
  • Jun. 1
    Tiens Love Donation Ceremony & Distributors Convention of North Africa Area was convoked at Akkra, Ghana. President Li Jinyuan presented the convention, delivered a speech and donated 100million cedi as well as 200.04 million cedi worth of products to a local children's organization.
  • May 24
    Tiens Products were awarded the gold prize in the area of Oncology at the Almacede 2002 International New Industrial Technology Fair.
  • May 20
    Indonesian Vice President Hamzah Haz warmly received Mr. Li Jinyuan and his delegation that had come to Indonesia to host the Tiens International Seminar.
  • May 1920
    Tiens Group hosted the Tiens International Development Strategy Seminar in Jakarta, capital city of Indonesia. This was another grand international event hosted by Tiens following the Group's 3rd anniversary celebration of its presence in Europe.
  • Apr. 18
    Tiens Educational Development Foundation was established.Tiens Group was recognized by the Research Society on Chinas National Conditions as Research Base of State-level Direct Selling Industry and Research Base of State-level Healthcare Industry. President Li Jinyuan was appointed as Researcher of State-level Direct Selling Research Base and Researcher of State-level Healthcare Industry Research Base.
  • Apr. 12
    The 52nd anniversary of the founding of the Jakarta Medical College of Indonesia was celebrated at the International Conference Center at Bali Sidang in Jakarta. Li Jinyuan was invited to participate in the celebration and he accompanied President Megawati Sukarnoputri to the International Fair of Indonesian Pharmacy and Medical Products.
  • Mar. 23 27
    During his visit to the coastal borders of Russia, President Li Jinyuan candidly exchanged in-depth views on Tiens Group's exploration in the far-eastern region with the officials of the Asia-Pacific International Coordination Committee. They mapped out broad cooperation areas and reached a consensus in further strengthening trade relations. The meeting resulted in important outcome.
  • Mar. 25
    The Sino-Indonesian Economic and Trade Seminar jointly sponsored by the China Chamber for the Promotion of International Trade and the Indonesian Entrepreneurs Delegation was launched at the Beijing International Conference Hall. Indonesian President Megawati Sukarnoputri attended and addressed the seminar. Tiens Group was the only enterprise invited from Tianjin.
  • Mar. 20
    American Investment Expert Dr. Quintero came to visit Tiens Group.
  • Mar. 19
    The grand celebration for Tiens Group's third anniversary of working in the European market was launched in the Lushiniki Olympic Sports Center in Moscow.
  • Mar. 5
    In Mr. Li Jinyuan's company, Vice-Mayor of Tianjin warmly received visiting President Toshizo Watanabe of the Rijian Corporation, Michael Sheffield, from International Direct Marketing Association of America, Chief Lawyer Jeffrey A Babener, and Kendall Cho, the General Manager of North America and the Chief Operations Officer of the Rijian Corporation.
  • Mar. 4
    Tiens Group President Li Jinyuan, the President of the Rijian Corporation Toshizo Watanabe, the International Direct Marketing Association of America's Michael Sheffield, and Chief Lawyer Jeffrey A. Babener were invited to the CCTV's Wealth Salon for a special program dedicated to a Wealth Forum.
  • Mar.
    The French Quality Supervision and Appraisal Committee for Science and Technology recommended Tiens Spirulina Capsule as a Chinese high quality product.
  • Feb. 27
    The Russian Academy of Physical Sciences gave Tiens Group the Award for the Achievement in Science and Biological Technology and a medal named after Ecagelina Dachcova, the activist in Russian social and state affairs.
  • Jan. 19
    The grand occasion marking China's admission into the WTO (World Trade Organization) and featuring Tiens's new profile was celebrated at the Group's headquarters in Wuqing.
  • Jan. 4~8
    President Li Jinyuan paid a working visit to Romania. During his visit, he held talks with the Chinese Commerce Attach to Romania. He also had interviews with officials from the Romanian Ministry of Health and was warmly received by the Minister of Health.


  • Dec. 17
    Sponsored by CPPCC, China Public Relation Association and CPPCC Publishing House and co-sponsored by Tiens Group, the summit seminar on Chinas accession to WTO and the enterprises responding strategy was convoked at International Convention Hall at Henderson Center, headquarters of Tiens Group.
  • Nov. 26
    President Li Jinyuan paid a working visit to Canada and the United States.
  • Nov. 24
    The ceremony for the unveiling of the Golden Lion Sculpture was held at Tiens Group headquarters. President Li Jinyuan cut the ribbon at the ceremony and unveiled the sculpture.
  • Nov. 15
    The First ASEAN Direct Marketing Conference was held in Malaysia and a delegation from the Tiens Marketing Company attended the conference.
  • Nov. 10
    Li Yinyuan was elected Deputy President of the Association for Foreign Economic Cooperation of the Tianjin Municipality.
  • Nov. 6
    Tiens Group participated in the 2nd PECC International Trade Investment Fair, co-sponsored by the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation and the Tianjin Municipal Government.
  • Nov. 5
    President Li Jinyuan became the 32nd wealthiest person in China, according to a survey conducted and published by Forbes Magazine, one of most authoritative and influential honors granted to Chinese entrepreneurs.
  • Sept. 12
    A conference regarding the Tiens International Development and hosted by the Health Food Association of China was held in the Great Hall of the People in Beijing, where Tiens Group won the title of China's Top 50 Health-Food Producing Enterprises.
  • Aug. 3 6
    The international celebration convention of the 6th anniversary of Tiens Group & the 2nd International 8.3 celebration was convoked at the comprehensive stadium of St. Petersburg, Russia.
  • Jul. 27
    6 years together----the celebration (home) of the 6th anniversary of Tiens Group was launched with grandeur. Over 3000 business representatives participated in the celebration.
  • Jun. 30
    With approval given by the United Nations Development and Planning Bureau, the Environmental Planning Bureau, and the Information Development Bureau, the honorary title The Best Enterprise for International Ecological Safety was awarded to Tiens Group for its important contributions to safeguarding the international ecological safety and the promotion of economic development.
  • May 7
    Tiens 2000-2001 Annual International Meetings were grandly launched in Bangkok, capital of Thailand.
  • Apr. 10
    European Senior Lecturers Group visited Tiens.
  • Mar. 24
    A Vietnamese delegation headed by Huang Hong'er, Deputy Director of the Food Administration Bureau of the Vietnamese Ministry of Health, visited Tiens Group.


  • Nov. 18
    A commendation meeting for the Tiens South Africa Branch was held in Johannesburg. President Li Jinyuan attended the meeting and delivered a report on the situation of Tiens Group's International Development. The Chinese Ambassador, Extraordinary Plenipotentiary, and Counselor of the Economic Council joined the meeting.
  • Nov. 3
    The Tiens Bio-development Company Ltd. passed the appraisal given by China Quality Certification Center and acquired the certificate for quality authentication.
  • Sept. 8
    The Tiens Youth and Health Capsule produced by the Tiens Biology Development Company Ltd. won the Gold prize in the China 2nd New Medicine and Health Food Exhibition.
  • Aug. 3
    The 1st Tiens Group 8.3 Festival was grandly launched in the State Concert Hall of the Grand Russian Hotel in Moscow. Over 2,000 of Tiens staff gathered together from all over the world with great joy and celebrated the successes they had achieved with Tiens in the past five years.
  • May 31
    At the invitation of the government of the Russian Federation and the Asia-Pacific International Affairs Coordination Committee, President Li Jinyuan attended the Asia-Pacific Conference on New Technology Cooperation and Investment, which was held in Vladivostok, Russia, on behalf of Tiens Group. At the conference, Mr. Li Jinyuan held discussions with Schickgerny, Vice-President of the Asia-Pacific International Affairs Coordination Committee and Vice Governor of the Coastal Border Region, and Jiang Mingjun, Secretary-General of the Asia-Pacific International Affairs Coordination Committee on issues related to science and technology cooperation and investment in the process of the realization of the integration of the Asian-Pacific countries.
  • May 4
    A delegation led by Michael Sheffield, President of the International Direct Marketing Association, paid a visit to Tiens Group.
  • May 3
    President Li Jinyuan was invited to the United Way International 2000 World Convention in Hong Kong.
  • May 1
    President Li Jinyuan accepted the title of Consultant on Western Economic Development, given to him by the Expert Service Center of China's State Ministry of Personnel.
  • Apr. 23~31
    President Li Jinyuan went on a friendly tour to some of the countries in North America and Asia.
  • Apr. 16
    The first Tiens Annual Meetings for 1999-2000 were held respectively at the Henderson Center of Beijing, the Diaoyutai State Guesthouse and the Wuqing Stadium of Tianjin.


  • Nov.
    The Certification Panel of the China Quality Certification (CQC) Center issued Tiens the ISO9002 quality certificate.
  • Sept. 1
    Tiens College of Technology recruited 360 students majoring in computer application, business English and business administration.
  • Aug. 13
    Indian Ambassador to China, Shivshankar Menon, and the Bangladeshi Ambassador, Falooq Sobhan, paid a visit to Tiens Group.
  • Jul. 7
    The State Ministry of Education gave official approval to the establishment of the Tiens Vocational College of Technology, which marked the birth of the first State-admitted private institute of higher learning in Tianjin.
  • May 26
    Tiens High Absorption Calcium was awarded the gold prize at the 5th China International Health Food Fair.
  • May 15
    Tiens Group launched its overseas development strategy.
  • May 9
    Tiens Group convoked a convention to bly condemn the NATO led by the US for the atrocity of bombing Chinese Embassy in South Slovakia and resolutely uphold the severe announcement by Chinese government and the important speech delivered by Mr. Hu Jintao.
  • Mar. 6
    Tiens Russia opened for business.
  • Jan. 18
    Tiens Health Industry Co., Ltd. of Korea opened for business in Seoul.


  • Dec. 18
    Henderson Tiens Headquarters, situated on the 20th floor of Henderson Center in the gold zone of Jiannei Street in Beijing, was grandly opened to business. From here, Tiens Group was to march into the outside world.
  • Dec.
    Tiens series of Calcium-rich health products won the title of recommended products from China Foundation for Consumers Protection.
  • Nov.
    The Qushui and Naqu Tinashi Primary Schools in Tibet were opened.


  • Jun. 18
    President Li Jinyuan was appointed as Honorary Director and Researcher of Ethic Culture Exchange Institute of Central University for Nationalities.
  • Feb.
    Tiens High-Calcium Powder won the gold prize for Healthy Food on the World Inventor, Entrepreneur and Investor Cooperative Meeting at New York, the US.

    Tiens Acupoint Treasure won the Gold medal on the 1st International Einstein New Invention and New Technology (Products) Fair highly evaluated by the central leaders of Song Ping and Wang Guangying; it was proposed to be widely promoted to win honor for the state.


  • Nov.
    Tiens High Absorption Calcium received the Gold Award on the China Preventive Medicine Best Health Technology Products Fair during the Sixth International Science and Peace Week.
    Tiens High Absorption Calcium received the Best Product Award and Best Modern Product Award at the 2nd Tianjin International Food and Drinks Fair.


  • Dec.
    Tiens Economic Development Corporation registered Tiens Bio-engineering Company at Tianjin Industrial and Commercial Administration, to achieve the industrialization of high-calcium technology.


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